Sunday, September 27, 2009

Even Superstars Love Our Fries

Today my husband woke me earlier than noon (which is expected when you work until 3 a.m.) and said I needed to get dressed so we could go out somewhere as a family. It was a much needed day with the kids, and we all enjoyed one another's company. We didn't do anything fancy. I had to be at work by 18:00, and with living in the middle of nowhere, there is always a commute. We ended at the mall in the city where my daughter decided she HAD to have a purse now. I suppose she's growing up. She's not asking for Barbie dolls as much anymore. The play make up is getting played with more and more, and she wants a purse. Next thing I know she will be asking for a bra. Help me now.

She settled on a sparkely pink purse with silver star cutouts. It promptly went over her shoulder and she dumped her wallet into the change purse she had picked out to match.

Dad took our older son to the bookstore to pick out a book. He settled on a collection of games which was on sale extremely cheap. It was less than half of what we paid for the pocket book, so he was promised something else if he still wanted something. As soon as we entered the boys department at Sears he gasped "Daddy! Daddy! Oh I REALLY want this!" and pulls up a shirt with monster trucks all over it. Such a practical boy I have. I believe he has garnered more clothes than his sister at this point. I can't resist the gasps...and they are always on sale as he's as good a bargain hunter as his mom.

Baby brother, well, he was happy with his sippy cup, but we didn't forget him. He is the proud new owner of footie jammies. I can't wait for winter to see him in them.

On to Mc Donald's news though...

Things were slower tonight, with a steady stream of customers coming in one at a time. This is where the fun began.

In walks an older, erm, more mature gentleman. He's got snowey white hair and is rather stout with a kindly face. He places his order and I notice his hat. I'm not sure why I notice hats, but they tend to give a clue to the type of man that's at our store. This hat had a symbol on it that I immediately recognized at a Naval symbol with the snake and staff in front. I asked if he had been a Navy Medic and he perked up and said "How'd you know? And how did you know it was Navy?" I laughed and said that I was in school and had considered the Navy to pay off my med school loans when I got into med school. He said it was a worthwhile occupation and I stated I opted against it since I had three children at home and we were at war. The idea of leaving them for a deployment terrifies me, but that's another story for another day. He then pulls out his wallet and shows me a photo of himself in his dress blues. "Wow! You were a really decorated soldier!" I remarked at seeing multiple bars upon his jacket. He agreed, and gave me one more plug for the Navy. I doubt I'll ever take him up on it. But apparently, I've got connections now.

Later in the night I took an order from a woman who was not very talkative, but looked oh so familiar. "Where do I know her from?" I kept thinking as she rooted through her wallet for her change. *LIGHTBULB!*

"You have a very Susan Sarandon look to you mamm" I blurt out.

She looks down and refuses to make eye contact.

"Yes I get that alot."

Hmmm, should I push this thought? Perhaps she could be. I could persuade her for an autograph. I do adore her work, especially in Children of Dune. Control yourself. She would have stated as much if she was, and, if in fact she wanted you to know. Beside's you will look all stalker paparazzi like and have to start singing Lady Gaga songs to your coworkers or something obscene to that effect. I opted to simply say "I suppose everyone has a twin out there" and she nodded and took her food and left. I'm claiming it was a movie star extraordinaire. Anything less is just plain boring.

But, it gets better! I may be a believer after all. I swear to all that is holy, the holy man himself came and ordered burgers tonight. Long brown hair, beard and mustache. He totally looked like Jesus...with a blue tooth device at his ear. Hmmm...I wonder if that was so he could do the "hear all" thing he's known to do. Or maybe it's so he could answer prayers quicker. I've heard many an old lady claim they were going to call on Jesus to help. Perhaps too many old ladies were calling and he had to hook his blue tooth up to his phone so he could answer all their calls.

I'm simply saying, he looked very Jesus like. I totally expected him to start walking on water or ascending towards the ceiling.

Well, no miraculous events took place. The sky did not shake. I suppose it wasn't Jesus after all, but goodness, it could have been. He walked out the door and even had to push it open himself. And suddenly we were back to work trying to finish our tasks early so we could go home sooner.

The night is over, and all the excitement has me bushed. I think I'll head to bed and dream of movie stars and gods.

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