Thursday, September 17, 2009

Salutations from the world of fast food!

Hi all.
I'm a mom, I'm in school aiming to go into healthcare while funding that education clogging the arteries of the world. I work at a very busy fast food restaraunt because, in spite of having a college degree, the economy has deemed that making french fries is all that I am good for.

Ordinairily one would find themself depressed at such a thought. On the contrary, when you work at a store that's got a truck stop and easy access on and off an interstate that runs from Canada to Florida, you get to meet a gammut of people to enthral you.

I've decided to chronical my plight as well as the more interesting individuals I meet there. Hopefully this little blog will one day get a post all capitalized declaring I've been accepted into med school. In the meantime, we shall endeavor to entertain ourselves at the expense of my customers at Mc Donalds. Honestly, I love my job. I just wish it paid more...and was a tad healthier.

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