Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yo ho ho and a bottle of...oh wait, all we have is water bottles, sorry.

Wow, what a night. It all started with me arriving behind a bus. Before I realized it, I had clocked in, washed my hands and ran up front to see where I could help and there were THREE buses. There was no time to discover where people were from or going, but I did happen to notice, one bus was the same group of people who were traveling to Sight and Sound last night.

Great teamwork. We got all the customers taken care of and there were very few moments of anger (though I do believe every employee had a moment this evening. We just hid those moments from the customers). One lady asked for our manager and told her that she was very pleased with how well we worked together and how we handled all the chaos. I patted the manager on the back and said "Good! Now remember that when we start goofing off later!" ... Later never came. We were swamped the rest of the night.

Our normal set up is one person in the back of the store taking orders and money, one up front handing orders out and one bagging those orders. When we are really busy, cashier is split into two people and one person takes the orders while another takes money. By the end of the night I found myself up front, taking orders, taking money, bagging those orders AND handing them out all by myself and the cars kept rolling in. Needless to say, I was pretty stressed out after a while. My coworkers tried to help me, but we were at a skeleton crew by then, so I simply had to take my time and ask many a customer "could you hold on for just one moment please?" In spite of my personal pandemonium, my register was the only register with a perfect cash count at the end of the night. Yay me!

In other news and in relation to my title tonight, the rest of this post will be dedicated to all the pastifarians out there. May you be touched with his noodely appendage and have a happy weekend filled with piracy. That's right, today is international talk like a pirate day and we could not let that slip our memories. T'is too much swashbuckeling fun to be had. I did what was only proper and came to work in my pirate hat and promised the crew that if any angered me they would be sent to the bathrooms to "be swabbin' thuh poop deck with ye!"

Most kids just stared at me today as if I had something funny on my head. Our regulars just laughed at me as I gave them a good and hearty "ARRRR!" A few asked what was with the hat, and then there were others that shreaked "It's TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!!!!" and yet, they never arrrr'ed me. I called a few of the crew a pretty wench. When the guy in grill wouldn't make my order fast enough I said "ye be an ugly wench". Then a customer challenged me to a duel to the death by sword. We had no swords so t'was spoons instead. I made the fatal blow by jabbing him in the center right of his chest. Yes, those anatomy books I've been reading are paying off. I know where the heart be.

I told my boss I needed to change the name on my name tag to Morgan. I thought it would make a good girl pirate name. She told me that "Captain Morgan was probably not very appropriate". I don't know why (evil grin). She then suggested I go as Jack today. So my name tage was officially changed for the night...

We offered fruit to customers and our arctic orange shakes "so ye don't get scurvey!" and in spite of the dredges of customers that flooded our doors as if there was a clown car in the vestebules, we had a great time. For now, I am exhausted and I hear my pillow calling. Pirate day is over and I have done my part to reduce natural disasters so FSM please help us all. Here is proof of my participation in today's events, complete with pirate scowl...

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