Saturday, September 26, 2009

What was I saying about men in uniform?

So last night, to my surprise I look up from my register to hear "MOMMMYYYYYY!" My husband had driven the 17.5 mile drive to deliver my cell phone and brought the kids to play at our indoor play ground. The baby (yes, I said baby Kristan!) instantly jumped in my arms and I was forced to take their order while being accosted with baby kisses. I'm really complaining. Can you tell? (grin) My daughter made me a "bookmark" which was promptly turned into a new name tag by my coworkers and so I went around the rest of the evening as "MOM Susan" with hearts and flowers on the side.

Five minutes after they left I see the bus. "Is it empty?" my manager calls out. I couldn't tell as it had tinted windows. But then they started pouring out..."FULL! And their all in uniform. Drop more fries, they're gonna be hungry!"

In trapsed the soldier boys. Most of which were privates or VERY low ranking. A few higher ranking enlisteds were there, however the majority of our armed forces last night were mere babies. Me in my insane desire to know things start asking questions. No one answers. Of course I must admit I'm a sucker for a conspiracy theory so we "theorized" they were on a secret ops mission. All I know is that the youngsters were not fresh out of boot camp as that was my first question. (Yes I'm shameless that way).

They could have been lying about that fact as we asked if we should expect more buses with their group and they said no. Not 5 minutes after that question, another bus from the same charter company pulls up, filled with soldiers again. Hmmmm. I did garner where they were from and going vaguely. Both buses were on the same path. Not sure why the soldier boys were so hesitant to share, but if they WERE doing some secret ops thing...perhaps it's best they didn't as I'd have been tempted to blog my life away. I'm pretty sure there may be military rules or something about giving away your local in war time.

As the lobby was crammed like a pack of cammoflaged sardines, in walks one of our teen employees. He's dressed in his ROTC uniform. Perfect! He gets on my nerves some days anyway. I looked at the guys from the bus and said "HEY! Take this one with you! He's already dressed to go, just don't give him a gun, or you'll regret it." Little red headed ROTC boy blushed. Co-workers laughed. Soldier boys, I must admit, grinned and chuckled. Poor kid. He'll survive though. I torment him anyway most days. It's just too easy. And he knows I like him in spite of the nerves he annoys sometimes.

So the buses left, and all calmed down until the hot man with accent came through drive through. My manager handed out a portion of his meal while I bagged it and came back stating he could talk to her in his accent all day. Of COURSE I had to jump over and explain his sandwiches would "take a moment", and wait for him to respond. "Oh my! Where are you from? Austrailia?" He grins and says "No, but I used to be from northern Ireland" and half way through that sentance I knew it was Ireland. Most definitely he could speak to me all day in that Bellfast babble. Everyone had a great laugh when my manager yelled out that she was telling my husband I was talking to random men in drive through. But,hey...that's me. I love an accent. Add a cute goatee to the mix, I may consider moving to that border town in Colorado and forming a polygamous relationship, since we won't be dismissing the husband anytime soon.

All in all, tireing, but fun night. My break brought some bad news, which I feel deserves it's own post, so off to blog some more. In the mean time go order some fries or something.

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