Sunday, September 20, 2009

We love our men in uniform

As a result of our huge rig parking lot, we have quite a few truckers come through our doors. I'm starting to believe there is a UPS distribution center nearby, though. We get the UPS men (haven't had a lady yet) in the store often and many times they are regulars. However, it led to a discussion on the UPS man and how truely hunky they can be. It has been determined by the crew that someone needs to write a song, or at the very least an ode to the UPS man and so I submit my contribution to our team. This one is for you Sammycakes...

Oh dear UPS man in your pants that are brown
We anxiously wait the days you come to town.
For few things are hotter than uniformed men.
And even your shorts let us see legs again.

But unlike uniforms that defend the night,
from dress greens, to blues and even the whites,
You don't carry swords, but come bearing gifts.
Your package brings joy, gives our spirits great lifts.

So dear UPS man please stay in our lives.
Come see us often and bring joy to all wives
All sisters, and daughters and women of pride
We'll hold open our arms as you bring us delights.

Few things bring more joy to me and my friends,
Than opening boxes from UPS men.

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