Friday, September 18, 2009

Lot's of preteens, quite a few teens and a few adults

As usual, Fridays during the school year are busy. Post football game rush tends to hit with many a hungry quarter back. Most times both teams pounce and a traveling team or two. It's always quite chaotic. Tonight was steady, but nothing overwhelming and actually only one bus.

We all became nervous when noticing that the first half of people to walk through the door looked to be younger than ten. Things get broken when teenagers conglomerate. I shudder to think of what tweens could do in their exuberance to be on a trip away from home.

A few adults came in and some teenagers followed up the rear. Things were quite busy and I was only up front with the customers briefly as my primary job this evening was drive through cashier. I prefer to call it the dungeon as it's probably the most isolated position from your coworkers in the store (next to dishes of course).

In the brief moment up front I did chance to snag where they were going.

"Lancaster, to see Sight and Sound".
"Well that sounds fun!" I reply. Yet in my mind I'm thinking that's a lot of money to spend on tweens who may not have the capacity to sit still that long.

They all orders for milkshakes (which drained our machine for a bit) and went on their merry little way, all 50+ of them.

What is Sight and Sound you ask? Well, it's basically the Christian version of Broadway. Much cleaner (though "In the Beginning does look to have a topless hunky man in it), no city traffic to contend with, and very Bible oriented with a mini little "get saved" message at the end. I'm not quite sure what the purpose of that little message is being I doubt this is a place atheists will frequent, but still, I'd go again if I had the cash and I'm a flaming heathen. I suppose it will make the evangelicals happy to preach a bit at the end, but it's a minor discomfort for what I think is a good show. And really, if you're going to convert from a play, I think you were well on your way to conversion to begin with.

They specialize in musicals and the theaters are quite nice. One has a stage that surrounds you on three sides, but the tickets run near 50 dollars, last I checked, and that nixes it off my list of permissible forms of entertainment. I do work at Mc Donalds after all. It's not like I can go gallivanting around upper class society very often at all.

I figured though, since I've rambled much about this little gem in the heart of Amish country I'd put a little advertising plug in for those who may be interested. Hopefully, you will be there when the tweens are all sitting quietly. If not, just tell them to shush and you'll buy them a cookie at intermission.

Here is a link for their website. One day I will figure out how to make it say "click here" and actually link, but for now, enjoy the entire long link in all its glory.

And seriously, who wouldn't want to arrive at a theater that looks like this?

It almost makes you want to say it with a British accent "theeaytor" and drink Earl Grey with your pinkie out.

So if you're in the mood for some stories of old put to song and dance, I suppose you could give them a try. Too bad they're not in the mood to remake Beowolf. It may be too pagan for such a corps of actors, but if they did, I would totally go into debt over those tickets if they actually came out with that on stage.

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  1. LOL! I drink Earl Grey, but my pinkie stays firmly down!