Sunday, January 31, 2010

There's a reason restaraunt workers can't stand teens

Dear Pine Grove Area High School,
We appreciate the fact that in your hunger induced delerium, we are your natural choice for sustenance after a long hard game. We enjoy that you like to tell us of your wins. However, do not think for a second we appreciate the fact that you come in, trash our lobby, bust our salt shakers, and destroy our property. You can not deny it is you, as you trapse in dressed in your team uniform, still with shoes on from your games. I've asked repeatedly for you to stop. There are days it takes an hour and three of us to clean up after your messes. Frankly this job does not pay me enough to bus the tables you feel the need to trash without you paying me a tip. Yes, we all feel this way, and yes we've contemplated contacting the director of your athletics department, explaining what you do after every game. Respect is earned young ones, and if you wish to be treated as adults, then it's time you start behaving like them. For the record, vandalism is a crime and busting salt shakers you do not intend to purchase is indeed vandalism, as is throwing things all over our property. Do not be surprised when one day a cop is suddenly standing in front of you on your way out the door because I finally became fed up with your antics and contacted them. You are in uniform. Believe it or not, you are representatives of your school. At that point, if your school is like the countless others, then your handbook specifies this type of behavior will not be tolerated and most likely end up in a suspension, so please consider the fact that other people are left cleaning up your messes before placing that quarter under the salt. And remember, you did not invent this little trick. It was around when my grand daddy was around. But his father would have beaten him senseless had he ever attempted such a stunt.

Furthermore, since I am on a complaining kick, and since I do not do this often, let me continue on to my other point of discontent.


It is a well known fact that men's rooms are disgusting. Apparently, men have little control over the hose from which their voiding flows. Yet, men think they are powerful enought to control a giant firehose if they choose that profession. The wall is not a place for you to void. The drain within the urinal is the proper place to aim. I just thought I put that out there, however, my angst really is not directed towards the men. My angst is that women seem to think they are the cleaner species when, the reality of the situation is they are down right disgusting at least once a month. Why any woman feels that the world wants to see that she is experiencing her moon, is beyond me. There is no reason to leave things laying face up on the floor, tossed in the corner, expecting some mythical creature to magically whisk them away when you leave. There's no need to leave traces of your mess all over our toilets because you could not be bothered with grabbing a tiny peice of tissue to wipe things up. And really, with tissue and the bags your products come in, and any number of other items, must you seriously leave them exposed anyway? Wrap them please before placing them in the hygene recepticals. At the end of the evening guess who gets to open those lids to empty those bins? We here at our store do not wish to see such things. It really taints our evenings. You would not do this at home so why do it in public? Believe it or not, it's really not acceptable here either.

And with that, I leave my bitching and moaning for the day. I'm really rather tired. I'm working two jobs and can not seem to keep up with this little blog like I used to. I promise for Amanda's sake I will try harder and not be so hard on the customers in posts to come.


  1. Ramen!! I hated these kinds of slobs when I was working in customer service.

    I would report those kids. Seriously!

    (What is the quarter/salt shaker thing...I've never heard of that one. But then again, I was not that kind of kid either!)


  2. A phone call to the athletics department director is in order!

  3. The quarter salt shaker thing deals with those plastic salt and pepper shakers restaraunts use. Take a quarter on it's side, perch the salt shaker on top of said quarter and SMACK! A hole is busted in the bottom and it remains hidden until some unwitting victim decides to move the salt shaker and then the entire contents spill onto the table.