Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's a Mc Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween all, Happy Samhain, and All Hallow's Eve. Twas dress up days at work when we were told to come in costume. Any excuse to get out of my uniform I say! But what does one do when they have three children at home that they've already bought three costumes for? My paycheck is spent. Le sigh.

I decided on something simple. A friend of mine gave me some scrubs to wear when I go on EMS runs with our local unit. So I tossed on the scrubs and threw some Ikea multicolored children's knives in my pocket. Voila! I am a PLASTIC surgeon...get it? Get it? The plastic knives? Yeah dorkey I know, but it worked, and hey, it was real comfortable to boot!

Of course this post must come with pictures so I regale you with the obligatory photo. Here I sit offering to give my manager's plastic ears a lift, since I am a plastic surgeon after all.

The evening would bring a party I was invited to, however, I'm closing. That means REAL REAL late. As a precursor to the party, the gals came in to show off their costumes.

This party was thrown by Kaitlin (my patient) and her sister Sammy Cakes. Aka, sexy ladybug and pirate's wench. They are both closing managers. Quite crazy to work with. I tend to giggle or laugh until I pee when they close. However, my beloved managers are out partying, leaving me to serve the fries tonight. In their place, the boss's wife was in charge. Eeek. I've never worked with her. Now I have to be all serious. Now Pokey can't talk about going into the freezer (though we doubt the story he tells about the freezer ever really took place). Now we can't do much of what we do for fear of "le gasp, she may tell the boss!". Not sure why we worry about it. We always get our work done, but we have a blast while we're doing it.

Boss man's wife was rather cool though. Kind of sweet actually. I may just like her after all.

To make things better, miraculously we got done with everything early. Sooooo, off to the party we go! Then Sammycakes had to do it. She turned on the scarey movie. I realize it's obligatory this time of year, but sheesh, I'm a chicken. I swore off scarey movies way back when I was 12 and laid in bed terrified Freddy Kruger was going to pop his head by my door holding my mother's screaming head (and honestly, there are still days I think she'd keep yelling even if she were decapitated).

So here I sit watching "House of 1000 Corpses" unsure of who the Rob Zombie dude is who directed the film, and showing what a music dork I am. If it's not on the pop station I tend to have tuned into on my radio, I probably won't hear it. Though, maybe I should iTunes something just to get in the know. I digress though, back to the movie...

Miss "ooooh this is my favorite scarey movie EVAR!" fell asleep. And although the special effects were so lame they were funny, there was lots of blood and foolish screaming, walking backwards girls in skirts too short you thought it was a Brittney Spears moment. And for how silly it was, it was also very gorey and I got skeered. Someone hold me! I have to drive home on a dark rainy night. It's just too skeery!

Well, yes, I suck at peer pressure. It's like I bypassed that lesson entirely in highschool because I just couldn't care back then. I guess I'm going to either learn to say "no" or stop being such a big fat baby.

Regardless, I got home safely. No gruely men tried to kill me. My car did not break down on some dark abandoned highway and no sinister music started playing. I AM walking frontwards. So all in all I think I'm safe.

And with that I'm off to bed at 3:33 a.m. ready to get up and at em early again to get ready for my own party of sorts. I'll post more about that one later though.

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